The cold economy - a new approach to energy storage

Cryogenic Energy Storage (CES) is a promising new technology that aims to solve the problem of how to store excess renewable energy.

Renewables are typically inconsistent in their production rates and not well matched to consumption. Wind and solar generation are very effective when conditions are favourable, but rely on the grid to balance itself to match supply and demand.

The goal of CES is to use cheap, off-peak or surplus electricity to drive systems that convert air into a liquid. This can then be stored over a long period of time in a suitable vessel.

Turning the liquid back to gas, by removing it from the store and applying heat to it, produces a huge increase in volume and pressure. This is enough to power a turbine that generates electricity which can be supplied back to the grid.

TP Group are experts in thermal management and compact turbomachines that lie at the heart of this approach. Our engineers are part of a wider team, funded by the European Union under their Horizon 2020 programme, working on turning this exciting concept into a reality that would mean economic and environmentally sound energy that is more reliably available at the place and time of need.

Cryogenic Energy Storage (CES)
Hiorizon 2020