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Regardless of the challenges, and changing environment of the defence industry, TP Group has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the best technical & engineering solutions and services working with our customers helping them to achieve their goals.

We have over 60-years’ track-record working as a trusted partner and thin prime in the most demanding environments with UK and International defence agencies and prime contractors. 

Our capability offerings are in-service around the world -

  • Submariners rely on our Life Support Systems to breathe
  • Military helicopter pilots rely on our software solutions for safe and effective operations
  • Commanders rely on our Mission Systems to make critical decisions

Lynx helicopter



First class delivery of
specialist submarine air purification equipment


Total systems capability
delivering high quality analysis, design, development & support of real time products & services


Helping to remove the strain
on the existing Aerospace supply chain

TP Group wins £770K Defence Contract Award

TP Group has been awarded
a contract by an overseas government agency to carry out classified development work...

Case Study - Combined Oxygen Generating Systems

Submariners rely on our combined oxygen generating systems (COGS) and CO2 removal systems to breathe. So when the Royal Navy required a Combined Oxygen Generating System (COGS) and CO2 removal systems for Astute, they chose the world’s leading solutions from TP Group’s Maritime team.

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Case Study - Submarine System Architecture

Complex military platforms such as submarines rely upon a 'single-point-of-truth' model. TP Group consultants recently developed such a model for two combat systems on behalf of BAE Systems.

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