Design, Simulation, Development, Test and integration

With over 15 years’ experience of delivering high quality solutions to our customers in the aerospace domain, TP Group offer a full systems lifecycle capability from project inception to final flight qualification. 

Working on platforms such as Lynx Wildcat and the Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme we support the design, simulation, development, test and integration of the Mission Support Systems, Flight Controls and Tactical Interface.


Case Study - Helicopter software assurance

Providing a cost effective, outsourced and managed capability across multiple aspects of the project, while building an excellent and sustainable working relationship with the customer. This enabled the customer to concentrate their own resources on other critical areas.

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Case Study - Cockpit Display Servers

In modern aircraft the Cockpit Display Systems (CDS) provide the Human Machine Interface (HMI) between the aircrew and the Glass Cockpit, to enable them to interact effectively with the aircraft’s avionics.

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