Specialist advanced engineering, technical and managed services

Specialist advanced engineering, technical and managed services for critical applications in high-technology sectors.




We believe our engineering capabilities and environmental technologies can be positioned to meet the challenges of size, weight and performance (SWaP) on board both civil and military aircraft.

Aircraft builders have predicted growth in their activities through to 2033 and this presents opportunities for specialist engineers such as TPG to participate in these markets.



TPG has a long track record of working as a trusted partner alongside our clients in the Defence sector to deliver strategically important air purification systems to submarine programmes.

We work with UK and International defence agencies and prime contractors in the specification, development, delivery and through-life support of life-critical atmosphere management systems to ensure that crews can operate safely and effectively for extended periods.



TPG's expertise and innovation in the energy sector is applied to critical applications both upstream and downstream.

Highly efficient micro-turbine expanders generate low carbon electricity and specialist heat exchangers recover waste heat for power generators.

We are working to develop compact compressors that will unlock the energy reserves under gas production platforms that conventional technology cannot reach.

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Process Industries

TPG supplies large, high-integrity heat exchangers, pressure vessels and other fabricated equipment to major projects in downstream refining and chemical processing.

Our systems manage temperature in the production of chemicals and other products we rely upon daily. The importance of our systems delivering this safely and reliably is even more apparent when the processes involve corrosive or volatile liquids.