Offering the latest stealth technology - making submarines quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect

TP Group has over 50 years’ of technical expertise and working knowledge of delivering technically advanced solutions in the most challenging environments both under and above the sea.

Our skilled and experienced teams design, develop and manufacture innovative air management systems that regulate the breathable atmosphere on board both submarines and surface ships. We are a key supplier to submarine programmes around the world, our designs minimise noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference and chemical discharges – making them quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect.

TP Group has supplied systems on both nuclear and non-nuclear submarines around the world. Our international client list relies on us to provide full life-cycle support for any underwater or surface programme.

TP Group’s capabilities in the Underwater domain stretch further than just Atmosphere Management Systems, click here to read our full underwater future capability offering.

Future Surface Fleet capability.

Our world renowned technical competences and capabilities now extend above the surface where our support to major primes and governments ensure delivery assurance and operational effectiveness for warship design, construction and maintenance.

Our capabilities include:

  • chilled water plants with reduced pipework and increased energy efficiency;
  • our smoke removal units that can clear significant spaces in minutes;
  • TEXVENT a flexible HVAC system that is an easy to install, cost efficient textile ducting system currently use on Royal Navy Type 23 Frigates;
  • OPTIMISER is an AI support tool that can assist decision makers to quickly produce optimal schedules of corrective and preventative maintenance tasks. Providing a solution in a fraction of the time, without the use of expensive mathematical modelling tools;
  • our AntsOnDeck product provides Optimised Autonomous Routing using AI, delivering real-time, dynamic route management with collision avoidance in complex environments on surface and sub-surface platforms, taking account of environmental conditions and vessel dynamics;
  • Team Information Decision Engine (TIDE) supports teams of analysts as they work through large inconsistent datasets, enhancing situational awareness in significantly shorter time;
  • Tactical Picture Generator expertise in re-engineering source code and documentation to integrate with other systems;
  • Sonar systems expertise in providing consultancy and software engineering services in the design definition and engineering development phases;
  • Combat System Design Modelling through the development of our niche engineering specialists;
  • Active Intercept Recording Systems & Analysis – providing independent system assurance and new operational knowledge and;
  • Information Assurance Solutions – enabling secure transmission of permitted data.

Ship builders from around the world use TP Groups Carbon Dioxide Removal Units on the most advanced AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) submarines.

We design and manufacture CO2 scrubbers utilising the most compact technology available, fully compliant with quality standards that are low energy, very quiet and sea proven with over 50 years of service.

Initially developed and supplied for non-military applications our Hydrogen Purifiers, which produce ultra-pure Hydrogen, are used in Fuel cells on submarines.

Our Catalytic burners provide safe breathing environments in-service worldwide; controlling background Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen levels.

Bespoke design and manufactured to customer requirements and criteria; including volume of Submarine atmosphere, power available, and background of CO levels required.

We supply cost efficient, customised high integrity waste tank air and odour filters tailored to individual requirements and needs.

Designed and qualified to withstand accelerations of 150g, our current cylindrical filters allow the level in the waste tank to rise and fall without polluting the surrounding atmosphere.

TP Group has produced reformers for a variety of customers to deliver Hydrogen generating capability, using diffusion bonding technology to create a strong and extremely compact vessel.

Our Smoke Removal Unit can clear a room of smoke and restore visibility in under 8 minutes.

Following a fire breakout, as well as extinguishing the fire, it is crucial to stop harmful particles from polluting the submarine atmosphere.  The Smoke Removal Unit is a simple to use, portable and lightweight system that is fast acting and low maintenance.

TEXVENT is a total air distribution system composed mainly of textile ducting, providing a number of advantages over traditional metal ducting systems.

Fitted to all UK Royal Navy ships and submarines as well as several international Navies; TEXVENT™ is flexible and easy to install, cost efficient to maintain, and is shock qualified.

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