07 Nov 2019

TP Group is evolving its hydrogen generation capability to deliver an innovative modular and customisable green energy system to develop hydrogen safely and efficiently for a range of applications and industries.

The modular solution utilises ‘green’ renewable energy sources, such as wind farms and solar panels, to power onsite large-scale systems which generate hydrogen and store the gas for conversion into other energy sources.

Using its proven expertise in systems engineering and packaging, this innovative system can be tailored to the environment and to a customer’s specific requirements. This includes the range of hydrogen generation rates, configured to suit the customer’s needs, through to options that include long-term availability contracts.

TP Group’s solution offers a number of benefits including:

  • High purity hydrogen delivery through a simple to operate system with low maintenance and in-service costs
  • Being operational within remote off grid locations as it only requires a source of water (including saltwater) and electricity to run
  • A rapid, dynamic response to the Grid Operator’s variations in energy generation output
  • Less set-up costs – being co-located to the source of energy reducing transfer line losses and costs associated with large scale plants

With hydrogen increasingly seen as the ideal clean energy source in sectors such as transport, TP Group’s capability provides a high level of confidence with over 40-years’ experience of delivering hydrogen in extreme environments with ultra-high reliability.

Said Jon Constable, TP Group’s Senior Vice President - Technology & Engineering Business: “We are very excited about evolving our capability to generate and store hydrogen which benefits both industry and consumers – and supports a greener planet.

“We have been working with PEM electrolyser technology for many years enabling life support in extreme environments and providing a truly safe and reliable solution. We believe our modular approach offers a low-cost and ultra-reliable solution which can be implemented at a much faster rate than new build large-scale hydrogen plants.”

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Notes to Editors

TP Group designs and manufactures mission-critical equipment that operates effectively in the world’s most challenging environments. The Company's shares have been traded on AIM (listed as TPG) since July 2001.
We are system engineers working in defence, intelligence & security, space and energy sectors.

Our projects range from atmosphere management systems that protect submariners when submerged; high-integrity equipment for refineries and power stations to secure communications systems and mission systems software for aircraft cockpit integration.
We also provide skills and expertise which support investment decisions and optimise operational effectiveness across large and complex programmes in the Defence, Energy, Intelligence & Security and Space markets”.

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