22 Mar 2019

On Sunday 24th March and Sunday 14th April, TP Group will feature in a Sky TV (channel 185) documentary with the NHS and other experts to explore the importance of digitisation in the public sector to achieve business excellence. Tune in at 10.30 am to hear from two of our Partner Leads discussing our capabilities in change management, cost benefit analysis and digital transformation.

Further Information:

TP Group are featuring in an episode of a series of business programmes broadcast on a weekly basis on Sky TV.  The programme “Digitisation of the Publish Sector” focusses on digitisation and how it has become an integral part of everyday life for those seeking to achieve business excellence and gain competitive advantage.

Featuring alongside other subject matter experts, two of our Partner Leads were interviewed for the programme, Chris Leason and Matt Hele, they discussed a range of topics including “change management and transformation in Digitalisation of the Public Sector;  “not just investing in IT but understanding current operations of all departments, what they require and what cultural change has to take place for implementation of any new IT systems”

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