We offer safety-critical engineering solutions for national and international programmes using state of the art equipment and facilities...

..delivering an end-to-end service including design, welding, fabrication and assembly. Our electronic and mechanical engineering capabilities produce specialist equipment for military and commercial customers


Heat Transfer Solutions

Structural design, engineering
and manufacture of complex metal structures

Advanced Manufacturing

Precision machining and
metrology for critical components and applications

Life Support Systems

Providing Life Support Systems
in challenging and complex environments

Engineering news

Rear Admiral Richard Stokes
visits Portsmouth facility

Case Study - Combined Oxygen Generating Systems

Submariners rely on our combined oxygen generating systems (COGS) and CO2 removal systems to breathe. So when the Royal Navy required a Combined Oxygen Generating System (COGS) and CO2 removal systems for Astute, they chose the world’s leading solutions from TP Group’s Maritime team.

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Case Study - Full Turnkey package

Working with the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor and following a competitive bidding process, TP Group Engineering’s team won a £640,000, 18 month contract to provide a full turnkey solution.

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Military products certification

TP Group have recently been authorised to carry out relevant works on military products of class Q1

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Accreditations & Associations
Engineering Accreditations