An international approach to greener chemical production

The UK Energy Efficiency Investments (UKEEI) 1, the fund managed by Sustainable Development Capital Limited (SDCL) in which the UK Green Investment Bank plc (GIB) is a cornerstone investor, has committed £7m to a major new energy centre, in a chemical plant in the UK’s North East. The TP Group team is contributing their expertise and experience to the project.

Greener chemical production

The new energy centre is expected to enable the plant’s operator to meet 100% of its on-site steam requirements, and at lower cost. In addition, the new technology involved will greatly reduce energy consumption and the release of greenhouse gas emissions, while improving resilience and energy security.

A full turnkey solution

Working with the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor and following a competitive bidding process, TP Group won an £640,000, 18 month contract to provide a full turnkey solution. This ranged from initial design right through manufacture and site delivery to installation - for the steam dump condenser.

The component parts of the TP Group solution include two bespoke design steam dump condensers, 10 forced axial fans, a Motor Control Cabinet (MCC) which incorporates control panels and condensate recovery duplex pump set - all of which has to deliver 100% standby.

Essentially, this solution dissipates (ie cools down) pressurised excess steam and drains it safely to a hot well. It gives the plant operator the option to condense up to 25 tons of excess boiler steam an hour. It also provides energy recovery return with hot water sub-cooled to 90 degrees Celsius. Last but far from least, it prevents steam venting plumes and is, thus, far more environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives.

An environmental first for technology built to last

TP Group’s previous experience meant that they had excellent cost base data from previous similar projects. They were able to build on that knowledge, and the robust nature of their solution, to win the contract.

The plant’s new energy centre is predicted to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 28,000 tonnes per annum - the equivalent of taking over 12,750 cars off the road. As such, it represents the highest impact deal, in terms of carbon emission reductions per £1 invested, so far delivered by the UK Energy Efficiency Investments fund.