High integrity design, manufacture, testing and installation for highly regulated industries including civil nuclear, energy and defence.

Our specialised workforce include design, production, quality assurance and commercial specialists to ensure end-to-end support of customer projects.

Packaged Equipment solutions

TP Group create bespoke solutions, working with our customers to provide Packaged Equipment solutions in the Defence and Energy sectors.

Gas & Fluid Management

Our equipment can transport gases or fluids around critical processes, for example, using electrolysis to create oxygen, whilst providing in process feedback through sensing and control systems.  Our on board control and instrumentation solutions interpret the process data and apply control methodolgies to manage the process to within design limits.

We understand how to develop tightly packaged process equipment with ultra low noise and vibration signatures to strict power limitations, safely handling a range of gases and fluids, some of which can have toxicity or corrosive properties for example, sour gas applications in the Energy market.

We can incorporate various pieces of equipment such as pumps, compressors, injectors, fans (blowers) and heater banks; carefully balancing the system by applying engineering tools such as Finite Element Analysis and 3D CAD with flow.

Our solutions include:

  • Breathable atmosphere gas management systems - managing oxygen, hydrogen and carbon dioxide processes
  • Removal of unwanted gases from processes e.g.

- Carbon Dioxide scrubbing,

- Volatile Organic Components (VOC) removal,

- Catalytic burner removal of Carbon Monoxide

  • Purification of hydrogen in reformer technologies
  • Refrigeration equipment maintaining cooling water temperature for other equipment
  • Automatic titration of chemicals.

Static Equipment

In support of our expertise in the supply of Gas and Fluid management equipment, we provide large static equipment for use in critical applications applying sound engineering principles to design solutions for our customers that are robust and provide long trouble free service.

We regularly design bespoke units up to 60 tonnes carefully considering the structural implications, temperatures, pressures and environmental conditions e.g. working outside or in salt-water conditions.

Our Gas and Fluid Management systems have structural frameworks, tanks, reactors, pipework and other similar static equipment, often incorporating control and instrumentation; we have the capability to manufacture elements of the system or support a whole package build.

Our solutions include:

  • Shell and Tube heat exchangers
  • Finned tube heat exchangers
  • Large pressure vessels in various industries including maritime and oil&gas
  • Tanks with  level sensing facilities for maritime or on-shore applications
  • Reactor vessels
  • Absorption towers on Carbon Dioxide Scrubbing equipment
  • Skids / rafts onto which packaged equipment is mounted for modular applications.