Imagine a system that can capture excess electricity on windy days and store it to be available later, on demand. Or perhaps the ability to generate clean fuel for trains or support critical operational vehicles operating remotely.

Hydrogen is often regarded as the ‘perfect’ green fuel. A clean energy source, its only byproducts are water and heat and it can be made from a number of sources that include water, methane and coal - even garbage.

TP Group has been generating hydrogen for many years, and now these systems can be turned to new uses in the world of clean, renewable energy.

Developing a solution

The knowledge and experience to create system level Electrolyser Hydrogen generation solutions, with relatively low barriers to entry, is limited worldwide to a small number of companies.

TP Group is one of the most experienced bringing over 40 years’ manufacturing - and supporting these types of systems in extreme locations - with ultra-high reliability and class leading safety. This capability has been developed through its thermal business and current energy customer contacts, as well as its industrial links to key enabling technologies such as PEM electrolysis cell stacks.

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