Design, development and manufacture of cutting-edge air management systems

All UK nuclear submarines and many other diesel-electric fleets around the world are fitted with TP Group's life support systems.

The technology, tested to the highest performance and reliability, enables the UK’s submariners to breathe hundreds of metres beneath the surface, in one of the world’s most inhospitable environments.

Safety and Comfort at Sea

Preservation of a safe and comfortable environment is important to all on board. This ranges from preservation of air quality under normal circumstances to resilience in the event of attack by chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents.

We manage the supply and maintenance of filtration services to the Royal Navy to assure effective preparation for any adverse external air conditions crews may encounter.

TP Group has worked with the Royal Navy for more than ten years on atmosphere safety and through this experience have accumulated relevant skills, structures, systems and strategies to provide effective service wherever it is required.

Supplying Gas where it is needed

We specialise in localised production of gases that are not available naturally in the operating environment, but are critical to safe and effective operations.

Propulsion and Fuel

Submarines with Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) are achieving longer dive duration and range than conventional alternatives; offering increased capability for non-nuclear powered fleets.

Part of the AIP system is a fuel cell that converts stored hydrogen and oxygen into electricity and water.  TP Group has a long history in Electrolysers that generate Oxygen for atmosphere support and Hydrogen from water.  We are working with a number of partners to develop systems for these applications.

Hydrogen has typically been stored in pressurised vessels or as metal hydride.  Storage as alcohol has energy density advantages over traditional methods and fuel processing technology reforms alcohol to hydrogen.  Once purification and oxidisation takes place in a fuel cell, electricity is produced enabling operation of large motors.