Delivering high integrity solutions on complex operational system developments and implementations

Complex military platforms such as submarines rely upon a clearly defined system architecture and design, which includes hardware, software, and firmware. This ‘single point of truth’ model captures and maintains all the systems characteristics from concept through assessment to development and deployment.

Submarine System Architecture

TP Group developed a model for a major Prime, compliant with their Life Cycle Management approach, using a toolset centred around Sparxsystems’ Enterprise Architecture, a commercial design tool using UML/SysML for design capture, and BPMN for process capture.

Since 2013 this has assured system integrity with flexible evolution through multiple lifecycle transitions on a variety of development projects for legacy, current and future combat systems.

Our Systems Engineering services enable successful outcomes for customers in demanding, technology-critical environments through the expert guidance of industry specialists. We design, deliver and support new capability and critical applications through-life, assuring secure performance.

Evolutionary Capability Deliver Design for Army HQ

TP Group are defining and implementing the pan-Defence Lines of Development (DLoD) change across the Army Operating Model so that future capability enhancements can be delivered through Evolutionary Capability Delivery (ECD). We are defining scope and timing of future ECD releases through synthesis of capability, operational, technology obsolescence drivers.

Analysis of Toxic Vapours Removal Options for Dstl

We investigated the feasibility of removing chemical warfare agent vapours by low-temperature catalysis. In collaboration with key stakeholders, we assessed potential methods, materials and technology solutions. Using our unique understanding of the technical, manufacturing, operational and commercial factors we down-selected candidate options for laboratory scale practical investigations.

Land Open System Architecture (LOSA) Assurance

TP Group conducted an independent assessment of the Common Open Interface (Land) (COI(L)). Employing our intimate knowledge of LOSA and using our systems and software engineering experience, we devised and conducted a series of tests and workshops standard to ensure it was fully defined demonstrably open, implementable and coherent with JSP604.