Our customers receive cost effective solutions in both engineering development time and hardware resources because of our highly skilled engineers who have many years’ experience and knowledge of implementing HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and User Interface (UI) capability on a wide variety of platforms.

HCI Development

HCI design processes can be complex and time consuming. To provide optimised HCI operational scenarios requires thorough analysis of overall system requirements, with focus on your project User Case analysis.

We will support you in avoiding common errors that can lead to inefficiencies requiring considerable engineering effort and/or hardware costs to put right. This can be achieved through a range of processes and techniques, such as:

  • HCI User Group analysis
  • HCI Work Flow analysis
  • User Application Tools

Data Processing Algorithm Development

Data processing can require very complex algorithms, together with their insertion into third party equipment.  Understanding this complexity and the rigorous testing required to ensure your requirements are correctly implemented is key. Developments undertaken and successfully delivered include:

  • Active intercept sonar contact fusion & display management
  • Multi-channel acoustic signal analyser
  • Narrowband signal trackers

Data Capture and Post Analysis

Certain types of data can be very expensive to generate, the capture and recording of in a reliable manner is essential.

TP Group provides high-speed analogue & digital record systems for capturing your valuable data in a dependable way. A range of post-capture analysis techniques through our experienced engineers is also available.