Enabling clients to transform their enterprise, and evolve their systems, we provide through-life Enterprise Delivery services.

Our Approach

Drawing upon our domain leading Systems Engineering and P3M knowledge, skills and expertise, we ensure realisation of an enterprise's visions, by defining, justifying and implementing complex change across the business.

Our approach makes the most of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises delivering Subject Matter Expertise - SME2

Our through-life Enterprise Delivery Services provide:

  • Increased likelihood and confidence of achieving the enterprise vision
  • Improved stakeholder communication, buy-in and satisfaction
  • Ensures optimal alignment of enterprise resources (people, process, information and technology) to realise enterprise vision
  • Greater awareness of enterprise context, and impact of change
  • Early and adequate resourcing (people, facilities, tools)
  • Provides clear rationale for decision making
  • Unbiased and objective advice - TP Group is vendor and solution agnostic
  • Flexible and responsive model that provides access to SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) as and when required.

Enterprise Strategy

  • Define enterprise vision, and enterprise change benefits and outcomes
  • Identify the optimal operating model/state to realise enterprise vision
  • Optimises operating model commensurate with brownfield landscape and enterprise context (objectives, risk appetite, constraints, etc.)
  • Optimises operating model from a pragmatic, financial, business, operational and technical perspective
  • Understands and assesses culture, identifies potential blockers to change and ensures stakeholder buy-in

Enterprise Transformation

  • Defines and implements the business and technical change required across the enterprise, to transition to the new operational state
  • Defines programmes/projects and required resource to implement the transformational change
  • Embeds easy to understand and useful management information to monitor and control progress and performance of transformational change
  • Development of 'as-is' and 'to-be' technical and business architectures, and associated transition paths
  • Understands and assesses culture, identifies potential blockers to change and ensures stakeholder buy-in

Business Case & Approvals Support

  • Produce a benefits led, evidence based business case to secure approvals for implementation of enterprise change
  • Provides robust, holistic evidence (strategic, technical, financial, commercial economic and management) in support of Business Cases
  • Uses model based analysis, including Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA); Whole Life Costing (WLC); Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA); Combined Operational Effectiveness and Investment Appraisal (COEIA)
  • Support Investment Appraisal, Balance of Investment and VfM decisions
  • Generates and assesses cost, time, performance and risk data - identifying cost drivers and potential savings

Acquisition & Procurement Support

  • Generate Invitation to Tender/Negotiation (ITT/N) documentation
  • Develops full Output Based Specification from justified, validate, de-conflicted and traceable requirements
  • Generates robust validation criteria, evidenced and auditable decision log
  • Undertake thorough, objective and independent evaluations of supplier and tender responses
  • Conduct supplier negotiations
  • Provide embedded support to hold supplier to account