Optimiser is a dynamic and rapid decision support tool for organisations that need to plan capacity and optimise the availability of critical resources within their enterprise.

Pragmatism over perfection

tpgroup recognise that traditional management processes and systems lack the flexibility and responsiveness to deal with complex and dynamic environments with multiple (often autonomous) resources. That’s why tpgroup has invested in a technology and innovation programme that has delivered North*, a suite of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) products.

Optimiser, part of the North* suite, is a data-driven decision support tool that uses a metaheuristic approach to rapidly explore large-scale, multidimensional decision spaces to undertake constraint based planning and resource optimisation - in a fraction of the time of traditional capacity planning and availability tools (15 seconds versus 3 hours).  This means Optimiser can be dynamically and rapidly adjusted to:

  • reflect changing circumstances
  • explore different (what-if) scenarios
  • trade-off accuracy versus immediacy of decision making

Optimiser Use-Cases

Optimiser is for any application that requires the optimised planning and allocation of critical resources (e.g. operators, equipment, consumables, etc.) across an enterprise (either single or multiple site) based upon understood, but potentially variable, factors (e.g. demand, lead-times, etc.).

Optimiser can be configured and scaled to support the following use-cases in any domain:

  • Dynamic replanning and reallocation of critical resources in response to rapidly changing circumstances
  • Business continuity planning - assessing enterprise resilience to crisis management scenarios
  • Long-term planning and allocation of resources across the enterprise
  • Organisational design - determining the optimal investment in new and/or modified resources across the enterprise

Case-Study – Digital Twin

In the oil & gas sector, tpgroup is working with upstream producers to optimise the availability of critical resources, and therefore productivity. tpgroup has built a digital twin that reflects the production resources (e.g. operators, rigs, wells, spares, consumables, etc.) and the factors (e.g. increased demand, lead-times of spare parts, available transportation, etc.) that effect their availability and productivity.  Optimiser is being used to determine, for  a given set of rigs, what wells should be drilled, in which order, to deliver the optimal solution that balances:

  • maximising production
  • minimising costs
  • maximising rig utilisation
  • minimising time taken

Assured Availability

As a trusted partner to the UK Government, tpgroup supports highly regulated mission and safety-critical programmes, and have assured the availability of naval submarine life-support systems for over 40-years.

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