We are specialists in AI, machine learning, agent-based systems, computer vision, and spatial computing.

Our vision is to support mission critical organisations across the world with autonomous solutions that deliver optimisation whilst reducing costs and their carbon footprint.

We work in partnership with our customers to deliver cutting-edge technologies that solve their most pressing challenges and transform how they work in a changing world. We operate across the public sector, defence, energy, space, and intelligence & security markets.

Our technology-focussed solutions cover optimised autonomous navigation, machine learning decision support, constraint based planning and resource optimisation.  These solutions are designed for complex problems that require spatial analysis, digital world and synthetic environment modelling and are platform and domain agnostic.

Our North* suite brings together all elements of our digital capability in single ‘bolt on’ application to your existing equipment be it on a land, sea or air.

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Quantifying the Benefit of Orbital Optimisation to Defend and Protect Space Based Assets