TP Group is a professional services and technology partner with a unique end-to-end approach.

What we offer

We are proud to work globally with contractors and primes on highly-regulated programmes across defence, energy, space, and intelligence & systems.

Because of our forward-thinking teams, mission-critical equipment operates effectively in the world’s most challenging environments. Whether sharing innovative solutions or manufacturing advanced systems, absolute trust is core to all we do.

We advise and consult on secure information systems, high-tech projects and through-life equipment support. Working with system integrators, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) and end-users, we bring brilliant ideas to life.

Our experience spans critical equipment and systems in many sectors; we are involved in everything from secure communications systems, and mission systems software to aircraft cockpit integration.

You’ll also find us working on Autonomous vessels, high-integrity equipment of refineries and power stations, and even atmosphere management systems to protect submariners. Whatever the project, one thing remains constant Absolute trust.

Consulting and Programme Services business

Our Consulting and Programme Services business provides targeted through life services to enable the transformation and evolution of our clients systems and services,  in their own specialist domains, to meet their strategic objectives and business vision.

Our Systems Approach, adopting a well established systems engineering and project management principles and processes, which consider the system holistically, to optimise both the end system and its design, delivery and support.

We provide individuals with domain leading knowledge, skills and experience who can work within client teams or take full responsibility for the delivery of outcomes.  Our approach makes the most of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises delivering Subject Matter Expertise - SME2

Technology & Engineering business

Our highly skilled multidisciplinary engineering teams apply our advanced technology to produce solutions for our customers which can be relied upon for long service life, in difficult or dangerous environments.

We have the experience of working in highly regulated industries and safety critical environments working across the whole lifecycle from concept to disposal.

Based upon 75 years of engineering heritage and leveraging our unique knowledge, skills and experience, we combine a range of high-end capabilities to produce high-integrity equipment from our factory facilities in Portsmouth and Manchester.

New technologies and capabilities potential

In December 2017 tpgroup plc acquired Polaris Consulting Ltd – visit their website to find out more information on their capability – 

In November 2018 tpgroup plc announced the acquisition of Westek Technology Limited – visit to view their website.

In April 2019 tpgroup plc acquired Sapienza Consulting Holding BV – visit their website to find out more information on their capability -

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