Building on our heritage of innovation, committed to a demanding growth strategy

Our Strategy

We aim to be the first-choice company and a trusted partner when large organisations need complex equipment or systems to achieve their goals.

Our strategy has evolved to drive profitable growth and deliver longterm financial performance. It is focused on our core strengths – we are at our best in the development and delivery of highly complex,
high value, low volume equipment and systems that are critical to our customers’ activities.

Our Mission

We work in areas related to national security and energy supply that are critical to a safe and prosperous society.

We provide services and equipment when critical systems are needed to assure public and industry security and wellbeing.

Our Strategic Objectives

Our focus

Sustainable competitive leadership in complex, mission critical systems

  • We choose to work on complex, mission-critical systems that are low volume, high value and where innovation, skill and experience are highly valued by our customers and barriers to entry are high. Within this space, we aim to outperform our peers, staying ahead of our competition and enjoying long-term demand for our services.

Drive value from excellent relationships with major customers

  • We aim to work with a limited number of consistent, high-value, long term customers,
    whereby we have a detailed understanding of their business, we have excellent visibility of future needs and can minimise competitive threat in a trusted mutually-beneficial relationship.
Growth drivers

Invest in best-in-class operating capabilities and technologies

  • We will ensure that wherever possible we have the best and most advanced facilities, equipment, tools, people, business systems and methods. This will drive operational efficiencies, improve decision making and our competitive advantage.

Supplement organic growth with suitable acquisitions and partnerships

  • We will pursue engagement with third parties to extend our technical scope, geographic and market reach, capacity and opportunities. These engagements may be by acquisition or by partnership where suitable mutual benefit arrangements are available.
Desired outcome

Expand our geographic reach in customers and capabilities

  • We will seek to expand beyond the limits of the UK to address global opportunities, and to add local delivery capability that is technically, economically or operationally advantageous to our business needs and those of our international customers.