Leveraging our unique knowledge, skills and expertise delivering a range of high-end capabilities and through life services, enabling our customers to meet their strategic objectives.

TP Group plc provide mission critical and safety critical systems and services across several markets; including Defence, Space, Energy, and Intelligence & Communications.


Delivering mission-critical and safety-critical solutions - Technology, tested for the highest performance and reliability

Regardless of the challenges, and changing environment of the defence industry, TP Group has the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver the best technical & engineering solutions and services working with our customers helping them to achieve their goals.

We have over 60-years’ track-record working as a trusted partner and thin prime in the most demanding environments with UK and International defence agencies and prime contractors.

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Offering the latest stealth technology - making submarines quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect

TP Group has many decades of technical expertise and working knowledge of delivering technically advanced solutions in the most challenging environments both under and above the sea.

Our skilled and experienced teams design, develop and manufacture innovative air management systems that regulate the breathable atmosphere on board both submarines and surface ships. We are a key supplier to submarine programmes around the world, our designs minimise noise, vibration, electromagnetic interference and chemical discharges – making them quieter than their predecessors and harder to detect.

Our technical skills and understanding of major UK Sonar Systems comes from working on programs such as Sonar 2054, 2074, 2093, 2193 and 2076, as well as development of shore-based, commercial and special fit equipment. We have completed a number of work packages on the Astute Common Core Combat System and provided technical engineering and management support to the T&V roll out, as well as various activities on the Astute and Successor class submarines.

TP Group has supplied systems on both nuclear and non-nuclear submarines around the world. Our international client list relies on us to provide full life-cycle support for any underwater or surface programme.

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Providing secure and tactical communications, supporting projects ranging from Mission Planning and Situation Awareness through to Mission Debriefing

Our work on C4ISTAR spans over a number of years and major projects including EFA (Eurofighter); our involvement in the design and development of core areas of these systems ranges from Mission planning, Situation Awareness, Network Management through to Mission Debriefing, involving use of Tactical Data Links (Link11 and Link16).

Our work with SAAB to upgrade datalinks that enable closer co-operating and improved communication with other nations at sea during missions, forms part of wider international data programmes known as Link 16 and Link 22.

Link 16 is a military tactical data exchange network used by NATO and associated nations to allow military aircraft, ships and ground forces to exchange tactical information securely in near real-time. The integration of tactical datalinks on board surface warfare vessels, strengthen the Swedish Navy’s operational capability.


Design; build; consulting and technical support - enhancing safety and minimising maintenance down-time

Moving beyond conventional energy sources and usage, TP Group engineers are working on new ways to support energy demand with better economy and simple, practical systems.

We work on:

  • generating energy from waste or freely available resources
  • storing energy to smooth out supply and demand factors
  • moving energy from place to place safely and efficiently

Our micro-turbines are proven, cost effective additions to the main generating capacity.

TP Groups expanders recover energy from the main generating process to add an incremental, efficient and economical source of electricity:

  • economic - 60% of life cost per MW/h of the big gas turbines
  • excellent efficiency compared with other renewable sources
  • incremental power benefits to CCGT stations

Process Industries

Through-life project support in specialist applications

Maintenance and replacement is the key trend in downstream refining. More than half of investment to 2035 will be on maintenance and repair.

TP Group is pursuing growth opportunities in Europe where the proportion is much higher, and in the Middle East where expansion remains active. 43% of our heat exchange business is maintenance and replacement.

Full project support is our competitive strength. Many competitors typically qualify to build, but lack design, consulting and technical support. Over 90% of our new build work includes a design element.

Outreach to export projects is available through prime contractors (EPCs), already on TP Groups customer list.

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Design, Simulation, Development, Test and integration - complex safety-critical and mission-critical systems

With over 15 years’ experience of delivering high quality solutions to our customers in the aerospace domain, TP Group offer a full systems lifecycle capability from project inception to final flight qualification.

Working on platforms such as Lynx Wildcat and the Merlin Capability Sustainment Programme we support the design, simulation, development, test and integration of the Mission Support Systems, Flight Controls and Tactical Interface.

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Helping our customers achieve their strategic objectives - providing unbiased, independent technical support and advice

TP Group has a long history of working as a trusted partner; providing our customers with the tools they need, helping them to achieve their strategic objectives on time, to cost, quality and performance requirements.

All our project managers have an engineering background and understand the technical complexities of the projects they support. We can increase efficiency and workforce utilisation; provide unbiased, independent advice and manage the integration of project management with specialist engineering disciplines and commercial practices.

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