High-flying information

by: Phil Curtis 03/07/2018

High-flying information


TP Group Services has extended its reach with new activity in Sweden.  Working with SAAB, TPG consultants are working to upgrade datalinks that enable closer co-operation and improved communication with other nations at sea during missions. This is part of wider international data programmes known as Link 16 and Link 22.

Link 16 is a military tactical data exchange network used by NATO and associated nations to allow military aircraft, ships and ground forces to exchange tactical information securely in near real-time. Link 22 is primarily maritime and complements Link 16.

In this instance, the integration of tactical datalinks on board surface warfare vessels will strengthen the Swedish Navy’s operational capability.

For more information about TP Group’s work in C4ISTAR please send a message to pascal.szczepanski@tpgroup.uk.com


Image credit Imfoto / Shutterstock.com Visby class missile corvette K35 Karlstad on exercise run outside Karlshamn, March 2018.