ACI and Analox Military Systems present at SAMAP

by: Phil Curtis 12/10/2015

ACI and Analox Military Systems present at SAMAP

A joint team from Atmosphere Control International and Analox Military Systems presented a paper to the SAMAP symposium, an industry forum held this year in Den Helder, the Netherlands.

The SAMAP group consists of members from the international scientific community, industry, military space and academia who are dedicated to looking at improving atmosphere monitoring and purification on submarines and space applications.

Samap delegates.png

The picture includes SAMAP’s founding member Wally Mazurek (Australia) plus key members of the scientific panel including Hilary Bolan, Chris Clark (uk),  Tom Limero (USA) and Anne-Elisabeth Peel (France).

Submarine atmospheres ate typically controlled by three autonomous systems, atmosphere monitoring, oxygen generation and carbon dioxide removal. Control of the atmosphere is based upon the continuous attention and know-how of the well-trained crew. The ACI and Analox team presented their views on introducing smart communications between an Atmosphere Monitoring System and the Atmosphere Control equipment. This link, together with an increased level of automation could lead to a more stable submarine atmosphere with reduced demand for crew numbers and skills.

ACI delegates at the event were Jon Bastow, Jamie Morrissey and Peter Row. Mark Lewis and Vicky Pigg represented Analox Military Systems.