ACI exhibits at ITF Deep Offshore Technology Conference in Aberdeen

by: Phil Curtis 14/10/2014

Atmosphere Control International (ACI) is exhibiting at the Deep Offshore Technology International conference in Aberdeen (14-16 October 2014). The conference, organised by ITF, the Industry Technology Facilitator, examines technology and operational challenges for the energy industry working offshore and deep subsea.

ACI is a subsidiary of Corac Group plc and is the leading UK provider of life support and air management systems for mariners on board submarines and surface vessels.

Offshore platforms and support vessels face many of the same challenges as ACI's naval users. Weight, efficiency and maintenance are key considerations for air distribution systems that are required to provide a safe and comfortable working environment.

The TexVent system, provided by ACI, uses fabric ducting in place of traditional metal installations. It is easily installed and removed to meet changing requirements, washable to maintain peak performance and very lightweight, which is a real benefit on ships and platforms where weight savings are at a premium.

Martin Blomley, Corac Group's Corporate Development Director commented:

"Corac Group has been working with ITF for many years through Corac Energy Technologies in the area of in-pipe compression systems for enhanced gas recovery. This exhibition allows us to showcase the translation of proven technologies across sectors, and to demonstrate the teamwork between Corac Group companies offering broader and more complete services to their customers."

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Zip fasteners allow for easy maintenance and flexible configuration of the air ducting system.