Delivering sustainable stakeholder value

Value creation

We adopt a whole-life model that allows us to take concepts and ideas and turn them into systems and equipment that are at the heart of our customers’ activities.

The value in that process is seen by the customer and their stakeholders – better intelligence for their decision making, better environments that allow their staff to work more efficiently and for longer, and equipment that works safely and reliably within their facility. We create intrinsic value for our customers that they have embraced through long term relationships with our team and our support.

Our competitive advantage

Drawing on our strengths, we can deliver mission-critical equipment in the world’s most challenging environments.

Our senior team have extensive experience of our market sectors, technologies and the business challenges they hold. They have proven themselves through the recent growth phase and have the capability to drive the Group forward.

We have a rare blend of consultancy, system development and implementation skills, plus design, build and support capability through long-term operational lives. This mix of expertise means that TP Group is well placed to support end-users better than most.

We have built long-lasting supply relationships with our major customers, who trust in our capabilities to keep them at the leading edge of performance.

We have invested in our team of highly regarded engineers, committed consultants and technicians who deliver reliable quality and innovation in equal measure.

We work as system integrators and so work with niche technology and service providers who work alongside us for shared benefit

TP Group has become the embedded supplier on key equipment programmes and we believe that through continuous customer satisfaction we will remain
participants in these valuable activities.

We have 75 years of engineering heritage and can apply our accumulated knowledge, skills and experience for our customers’ benefit.

We actively seek advanced technology partners to work alongside us. It gives us a wider technology base and provides them with a proven route to market for their advanced ideas.