TPG has developed a unique set of patented core technologies.

These technologies, combined with TPG engineering skills produce bespoke high speed and compact turbomachines – in-pipe and industrial compressors and renewable energy expander/generators.

In certain conditions, these unique systems deliver high value returns in new ways, and without significant competition or alternatives:

  • in-pipe compression on gas platforms
  • in-pipe compression in remote or inaccessible locations
  • highly efficient compression of vapour in industrial processes
  • generation of electricity from unused pressure in industrial processes or gas transmission
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Gas film bearings mean no lubricants or seals. They support the shaft in contactless operation for long service life. Proven in live testing and through extensive simulation and flowloop testing.



Compact and high power density. Motors have been built and extensively tested, driving compressors at up to 72,000 rpm.



Designed to resist extreme temperatures and pressures, and operate in the gas stream close to the motors they drive. Proven in flowloop and live testing.



One-off designs for high aerodynamic performance with tolerance of limited liquid content in the gas stream. Work continues to explore the boundaries of operation in contaminated gas.


Packaging and ancillaries

Proven subsystems, some developed with partners to support the operation of the core compression module.

Case study - working to get the most from gas reserves

We’ve engineered a way that should help gas wellheads increase uptime by as much as 20 per cent while substantially boosting production.

Versions have been designed for different duties as each well or platform is unique. Our smallest compact turbo compressor is just 70cm long and 12cm wide and fits inside the pipework of gas wellheads. A single impeller spins at 72,000 RPM – one and a half times the speed of sound and faster than a Typhoon jet flies.

This creates a hugely powerful suction effect that will draw more gas from the well.

The smart design is simple, with just one rotating assembly made from titanium alloys, and uses patented
gas film bearings, instead of oil, for frictionless operation. By reducing moving parts we’ve enhanced durability and precision-engineered the compressor to operate in this highly regulated and demanding environment.