When one of the fluids is at atmospheric pressure, and often using air as that fluid, heat transfer occurs across a large surface area with the unpressurised fluid flowing over it. 

Extended surface exchangers are often used in dryers where air is heated using steam in order to dry a wet product in a another downstream process. Ambient air is filtered and then heated through our system.

An alternative in refining industries is to accelerate cooling of hot fluids to prepare them for the next stage of their process. Hot air can be vented to atmosphere without any environmental impact.




Large heat exchanges of this type are up to 20m long, 3m diameter, and weigh up to 100 tonnes.

The Dukinfield facility has three spacious halls that allow systems to be efficiently routed through the factory. The factory also allows the isolation of incompatible materials. This avoids cross contamination of materials that could lead to service failures.

Recent investment has introduced automated tube end welding to provide highly repeatable weld quality. This is another example of HTT ‘s focus on leading the industry in process innovation, and satisfies a growing trend in customer requirements.

In addition to original equipment manufacture, we carry out full refurbishment of mature units including re-tubing, and retrofitting of upgraded elements with revalidation of design and performance parameters.