Flexible Air Ducting System

Texvent is lightweight, versatile distribution or transfer ducting, which is cost effective and easy to install.  The textile is 100% synthetic, and is manufactured from a flame retardant material that has undergone rigorous testing by RINA and has succesfully met all the releveant requirements of SOLAS.  It allows HVAC systems to keep pace with changes brought by increased out-of-area operations, the higher heat loads experienced when additional electrical equipment is fitted, or as a superiior alternative to traditional ducting and distribution materials.

Texvent is:

  • Quiet and draught free - for a comfortable environment.
  • Easy to fit and remove - reduces installation and maintenance costs.
  • Easy to clean - just unzip sections and wash in a washing machine.
  • Easy to balance - even when adding to existing systems.
  • Lightweight - for ease of transport and installation.

ACI designs, supplies and provides through life support for all types of marine and land bases texvent installations.

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Texvent is made from porous, fire retardant fabric. Air bleeds through the weave at low velocity throughout the trunking giving quiet, draught-free, uniform ventilation. For some applications, self-clearing slots are incorporated, ensuring texvent remains effective even when dirty.

Texvent is attached to lightweight support rails via a bolt rope sewn into the fabric. Sections slide into the rail and zip together giving a flexible system, easy to reconfigure or remove for cleaning.

For further details contact Technical Department.