Through-life project support in specialist applications

Maintenance and replacement is the key trend in downstream refining. More than half of investment to 2035 will be on maintenanace and repair.

TPG is pursuing growth opportunities in Europe where the proportion is much higher, and in the Middle East where expansion remains active. 43% of our heat exchanger business is maintenance and replacement.


Full project support is a competitive strength. Many competitors typically qualify to build, but lack design, consulting and technical support. Over 90% of TPG's new build work includes a design element.

Outreach to export projects is available through prime contractors (EPCs), already on TPG's customer list.

Case study - improving industrial processes

The cracking of benzene is a heat intensive process and produces high levels of carbon deposits that reduce operational efficiency and make it maintenance intensive.

We’ve designed a new heat exchanger that is less sensitive to fouling, and that enhances safety during maintenance periods. Engineered from highly robust Alloy 800 and 304H stainless steel to withstand design temperatures of 760 degrees Celsius, the smart design includes the use of straight tube bundles with a ‘floating head’ that can be easily removed for cleaning.

The previous ‘hair pin’ tube design was difficult to handle and could not be cleaned on site, extending the maintenance period. The new design enables on-site cleaning with rapid removal and re-fit to ensure minimal down-time. We provide replacement tube bundles that the customer can simply swap in and out.

The process now makes cleaning much safer and easier, and increases plant uptime to significantly reduce costs.