Economic energy at the point of need

Moving beyond conventional energy sources and usage, TPG engineers are working on new ways to support energy demand with better economy and simple, practical systems.

We work on:

  • generating energy from waste or freely available resources
  • storing energy to smooth out supply and demand factors
  • moving energy from place to place safely and efficiently


TPG microturbines are proven, cost effective additions to the main generating capacity.

TPG expanders recover energy from the main generating process to add an incremental, efficient and economical source of electricity:

  • economic - 60% of life cost per MW/h of the big gas turbines
  • excellent efficiency compared with other renewable sources
  • incremental power benefits to CCGT stations

Converting energy loss to value

TPG steam turboexpander

Energy on demand - Hydrogen reforming

Energy on demand

Hydrogen reforming

The cold economy

New approaches to energy storage