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Simplifying supply chains

TPG acts to gather a collections of specialist suppliers in response to a broad customer need. We act as a single contracting vehicle to simplify customer procurement and provide a co-ordinated service on demand.

We have ten years experience providing diverse services and equipment in this way.

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Installation and through-life equipment support

TPG engineers provide support services for complete atmosphere control solutions for the Royal Navy and other marine customers from the Portsmouth technical centre with additional resources deployed at Devonport and Faslane.

In addition, we can offer surveys, performance testing and upgrade designs for Marine HVAC systems

  • HVAC surveys and support.
  • Full Texvent design and installation services.
  • Texvent maintainence and modifications.
  • Bespoke Solutions & Technical Support.

NBC Collective Protection

TPG provides cost effective nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) protection through innovation and optimisation of resources that meets the needs and perceived threats to the fleet.

A 10 year long Holistic Equipment Support Solution (HESS) contract was developed to provide for a Prime (TPG) to act as the single point provider together with specialist contractors to manage the total logistic support. This service has been operating since April 2004.

TPG provides a vendor managed inventory system. This innovative approach is delivering a highly efficient asset management system that has enabled significant reduction in the through life cost of support.