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Managing Equipment Throughout Its Lifecycle

Installed equipment relies upon a managed programme of support to assure continuous operation on demand and maximum lifetime in service.

TPG provides extensive logistic support, stock control and analytical capability to ensure that equipment is supported and obsolescence managed. This takes place throughout the equipment life to ensure its availability at all times, which may be many decades after the original design exercise.

Managing Aged Assets

In accordance with the ship recycling convention “Green Passport” and ISO 14001 environmental standards, TPG has the chemists and electro-mechanical engineers to safely support contracts to remove and dispose of equipment from ships in a timely manner. 

We work closely with Babcock, and have adopted their principles:

"Babcock's Green Passport service is one of a range of services the company provides to help ship owners ensure compliance with statutory or otherwise desirable environmental regulations. This includes services individually tailored to the vessel to ensure compliance with nitrogen oxide (NOx) and sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions requirements, including EU Directive 1999/32/EC and 2005/33/EC amendments, and the MARPOL Annexe VI amendments which came into force this month (July 2010) imposing even more stringent operating restrictions with a maximum 1% sulphur emission. These services are geared to provide ship owners with an assessment and proposed compliance solution offering best value, least time, lowest risk and greatest convenience."