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Removing smoke to resume operations after a fire

In the event of a fire, not only is it necessary to extinguish the flames, but in confined spaces such as submarines or control rooms it is essential to resume operations and regain control of the vessel or facility. Smoke and other toxins can prevent this, so TPG developed a compact Smoke Removal Unit (SRU).

The SRU has been developed as a post fire, portable, self-contained unit, to restore visibility quickly. Activities can then continue, using breathing apparatus. 

The SRU has been tested on, and performs well, with a wide range of smoke particles including typical fire types. To avoid any logistic burden, it is regenerable and simple to clean. Larger compartments may need more than one unit or a larger fixed installation of this multi-pass filter.




600mm (d) x 300mm (w) x 500mm (h)

Power options

115V 60Hz, 240V 50Hz or internal rechargeable power supply


Visibility restored in 5 to 8 Minutes for a 30m3 compartment

Post-use cleaning

Water wash