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Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Filtration

TPG Maritime is the provider of cost effective CBRN and Collective Protection (COLPRO) resources to meet the needs and perceived threats to the fleet.

Under a long-term agreement, TPG acts as Prime Contractor to work with a group of specialist contractors to manage the total equipment and logistic support. TPG has been working with the MoD in this field since April 2004.

TPG provides an innovative vendor-managed inventory system. This approach delivers highly efficient asset management that has enabled significant reduction in the through life cost of support. Post-design service work is also initiated and managed through this contract.

NATO Radial Filter.png

NATO radial filter of the type managed by TPG under the support agreement.

A Regenerable Chemical Filter, using a Pressure and Temperature Swing Adsorber (PTSA), was built as a technology demonstrator for evaluation. Its performance set a baseline for the assessment of other regenerable systems.