End-to-End Capability

TPG's world leading systems are developed, delivered and supported by a dedicated, skilled and experienced team working to acknowledged best practice standards with the latest equipment.


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Research and development

TPG takes concepts through phased development to production standard. Analytical equipment and test facilities enable the creation of new products, chemical process equipment and patents.

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TPG designs:-

  • chemical processes
  • mechanical assemblies
  • electrical/electronic control systems
  • components
  • HVAC systems 

In addition to 3D solid modelling, we have finite element stress and computational fluid dynamic capabilities.

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Prototype development

Large test bays and air handling equipment allow the simulation of specific atmospheres and its effects on equipment to be studied. Atmosphere management equipment is tested individually or together ensuring reliable performance when finally installed. The range of performance, endurance and environmental testing performed, ensures that qualified equipment is fit for service.

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Chemical process systems, mechanical assemblies and electrical control systems are assembled in TPG's large build area.

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Installation and commissioning

Having completed qualification and acceptance testing, equipment is installed and commissioned on location by our site engineers, guaranteeing reliable service.

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Through-life support

TPG's extensive logistic support, stock control and analytical capability ensure that equipment is supported and obsolescence managed.  This takes place throughout the equipment life to ensure its availability at all times, which may be many decades after the original design exercise.

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Our extensive theoretical and practical experience in many areas enables us to take on an increasing quantity of consultancy work.