Approaching 60 years of service and support

TPG Maritime can trace its roots through Atmosphere Control International to 1957 when CJB Developments was formed as the Research Station of John Brown Engineers and Constructors Limited. Principally involved in chemical engineering, it developed many innovative processing systems in a range of sectors.

ACI timeline.png

CJB Developments Limited was formed in 1971 through a merger with the Special Contracts Division to build on the innovative work carried out in connection with the Royal Navy's nuclear submarines programme. The main challenge facing this programme was how to maintain a breathable atmosphere onboard the submarine over a period of several months without surfacing or snorting.

The company went on to join with the defence-related expertise of Wellman Process Engineering. These companies became known as Wellman Defence Limited, as part of the Wellman Group in 1996, and had over 60 years experience in the design, manufacture and support of equipment for the armed forces.

Since the early days of the UK submarine programme, the Company has supplied the major items of air purification equipment to all the Royal Navy's nuclear-powered submarines in service or under construction.

Wellman Defence was acquired by Corac Group plc in 2012 and continues to operate from its base in Portsmouth. Corac Group was renamed TP Group in June 2015, and the brand roll-out continued through the subsidiary companies in June 2016.