Atmosphere Control at Sea

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning is a complex challenge in static buildings. This is extended on board ships, and multiplied again for naval vessels where hostile action has the potential to harm the working environment of the crew.

Quality of life

Managing the vessel environment for the comfort of passengers and crew, and the maintenance of efficient working conditions for those on duty. TPG's Texvent systems provide excellent air distribution in confined spaces.

Cost and energy saving

HVAC equipment can be large and heavy, and require frequent maintenance. TPG's experience and expertise configures systems that are most suited to the vessel's needs and are economic in both operation and servicing. TPG works in partnership with many specialist suppliers to configure the ideal solution, and Texvent is significantly lighter and more cost effective than conventional metal ducting.


Extended journeys or missions make reliability a key feature of the HVAC specification as running repairs should be avoided if at all possible. TPG provides planned maintenance and maintenance management services to optimise reliability in service. 

TPG's Texvent is a soft, lightweight, washable ducting system that distributes air through marine cabins to improve the working environment throughout the ship.