75 years of heritage

The company can trace its origins back to 1938 when a heat exchanger business was founded in old mill premises at Middleton Junction, near Manchester. That business evolved to become Hunt Thermal Engineering, occupying the present site at Dukinfield, Greater Manchester, approximately six miles from its original location.

Another heat exchange company, Wellman Graham was formed in Oldbury, West Midlands from companies operating in Gloucestershire and Oldbury. In 2005 Wellman Graham bought the business and assets of Hunt Thermal Engineering to become Wellman Hunt Graham. This company was subsequently acquired by Corac Group plc in 2012. Corac Group was renamed TP Group plc in June 2015, and the rebranding was completed in June 2016 with the change from Hunt Thermal Technologies to TPG Engineering.

The company has always had an innovative approach to classic engineering challenges.

It was one of the first companies of its kind to introduce computer aided design facilities in the early eighties. This allowed the team to shorten design times and re-use certain elements where applicable.

Through this approach, heavy engineering projects could be completed quickly and reliably, which gave the company a competitive advantage that it retains to this day.