High-integrity fabrication

TPG Engineering is a leader in design, manufacturing and support of large fabricated equipment in critical applications. This is based upon a long heritage in the supply of heat exchangers and related equipment to sectors as diverse as global oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation, pharmaceutical and food & beverage production.

We work in partnership with clients to solve complex engineering problems and build equipment that can perform in the most challenging conditions. We do this through close adherence to relevant standards and through innovation in both engineered solutions and engineering approaches.

Advanced materials

TPG has a history of working with complex metallurgies, and has led the way to refine manufacturing techniques to suit the metals used.

Our early experience with Duplex steel has led to re-defining of manufacturing standards based upon our experience and practices. Many of these have been adopted more widely by industry.

This leading position continues with other innovative materials such as Hastelloy and Inconel.

Scale and capacity

The Dukinfield facility operates over five manufacturing halls with a combined area of approximately 4,000 square metres. We also have six cranes distributed across the larger halls with one hall able to lift 60,000kg. This combination of space and lift capacity is a valuable asset for larger pieces of equipment which could not be made elsewhere.