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The Group has three strategic priorities:

  • to work closely with and maximise return from an established global customer base;
  • to develop and seek commercial applications for new technologies that drive long-term value in changing business environments; and
  • to seek selective bolt-on acquisitions to accelerate both product and commercial organic opportunities.


Business development works through two market-focused sector teams:

  • Aerospace & Defence
  • Energy & Process Industries.

This allows the Group to operate as a truly market-led organisation, where engineering and delivery capabilities are closely aligned with the customers’ needs and priorities.

A harmonised operations team delivers across our portfolio of products and services:

  • A specialist engineering capability to develop and deliver innovative bespoke systems and equipment to support the successful execution of client programmes.
  • A technical services team that works with clients on technical solution options, with design and development capability to deliver the practical implementation of their programmes and initiatives.
  • A managed services team that provides experienced, specialist practitioners to work on client sites, either to provide specialist capability or to support installed equipment for long-term, successful operation.

This structure provides a simple and compelling set of propositions to help our clients, from best-in-class engineering centres that are technically excellent and financially efficient.

A corporate team provides strategy and direction from the centre, with market and operational teams executing and delivering locally.