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Change of name - Corac Group plc is now TP Group plc

The company name was changed with effect from 3 June 2015. The new name supports our strategy for growth as it acknowledges our technology heritage and captures the partnership approach with our long term customers, suppliers, collaborators, investors and staff. The company listing on the London Stock Exchange is now under the ticker TPG.

If you came here looking for Corac Group or used the www.corac.co.uk address, you are in the right place. Please bookmark the new web address and continue to visit us here.

TP Group is a specialist engineering and support services company that provides high-integrity solutions for critical applications.


We design and deliver high performance systems, provide independent advice and analysis of their application and support them through extended service lives.

This is based upon 75 years’ of engineering heritage, with highly specialist technical expertise and close alignment with customer objectives.

From this platform, TPG works with partners to create advanced systems and deliver outstanding service in its specialist domains.

Aerospace & Defence

TPG provides advanced systems for atmosphere management and other applications to UK and other naval forces for use on submarines and surface ships. Systems are commissioned and supported through life by TPG engineers. We also supply fabricated parts to the aviation industry.

Energy & Process Industries

TPG is a market leader in precision engineering and high-integrity fabricated structures in upstream and downstream energy, renewables, power generation and chemical processing industries.

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